Self Defense Techniques – Stun with a Paintball

Danger lurks around the corner

Sometimes the world is such a dangerous place to live in. The rate of crimes like robbery, rape, homicide and murder is increasing nowadays. And, the probability of anyone being a victim of these hideous crimes can happen anywhere and anytime. Admit it, when you are walking alone in a dark alley, extreme fear surfaces. You just don’t know who can grab you or what may happen to you. So, what can you do about this? Learn how to defend yourself.

Self Defense Techniques

There are numerous ways to defend oneself. There are lethal and non-lethal methods of self defense. We will focus more on the non lethal aspect, you don’t want to kill anyone, do you?

  • Avoidance and Verbal Technique
    One of the best ways to stay safe is to avoid places that are known to have increased in violence. But bear in mind that, no matter how you avoid these areas, perpetrators still lurk around. What will you do if no one is around to defend you like the Paintball Ninja? Well, first you can use the Verbal technique. You can threaten or talk down with these bad people, or just simply shout and ask for help.
  • Martial Arts
    Martial Arts is an efficient way of self defense. In this method, you use your body as a weapon to defend yourself. You can learn how to throw some punches, kicks and other defensive moves. Martial arts training classes are also being offered to teach you fight-related approach. So, learn some moves.
  • Non Lethal Weapons
    Non lethal weapons include pepper sprays and it is the most commonly used devices today. Most come in an aerosol bottle, but different forms are being manufactured to conveniently fit into a purse or a pocket. You can spray on to an aggressor making him temporarily disabled and vulnerable giving you some time to attack or run away to ask for help. Stun guns are also categorized as non lethal weapon. Once it comes in contact to the attacker’s body, it emits a high impulse current, disabling him for a few minutes and giving you some time to ask for assistance. But did you also know that a paintball gun can also be used as a self defense weapon?

Paintball gun for self defense

Stun with a Paintball Gun
Paintball gun is used during a game. It’s high intensity shooting range can cause an injury, at least 200 feet per second, and for the best paintball guns, it marks more than that. This is the reason why proper clothing, mask and safety gears are used during the sport. Imagine what this paintball can cause when it hit the body without any protection, and if the eyes were the once hit, it can cause blindness.
Shooting an aggressor with the use of a paintball gun can definitely take him aback. It can cause him injuries, making him powerless allowing you some time to run or maybe attack or tie him up before you can ask for police assistance. Paintball guns are not just for games, but more than that, it can help save lives.
Self defense is a personal responsibility and a legal right, that is why it has the word self attached to it. You should know how to defend yourself no matter what method you may choose. The world is such a great place to live in, but sometimes danger can cross your path. Stay safe!

Updated: October 11, 2017 — 5:51 pm
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