How the Level of Fitness Has Improved in Mixed Martial Arts

15MMA3-articleLargeFor those who are new to this, here’s a brief background. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a sport that combines combat sports and martial arts styles and was first regulated in the year 1980. It involves striking and grappling techniques, whether the fighter is on the ground or standing. The ideas of combining different martial arts elements became popular in the west when the late actor Bruce Lee introduced his Jeet Kune Do philosophy.  In the early 1900s, countries like Japan, Europe, and the Pacific Rim has hosted matches that used MMA techniques in order to determine the most effective martial arts style that can be used in real-life situations. It was formerly known as mixed-style combat contests until 1993 when an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) critic used the term mixed martial arts in his review.

  • Qualities of an MMA Fighter

The increased international popularity of MMA came about when in 1993, UFC reintroduced the sport in the USA. Inspired by popular male and female MMA champions, such as Ronda Jean Rousey, Ken Shamrock, and Conor McGregor, a lot of individuals have been interested in becoming an MMA warrior. On the other hand, if you want to become one of them, you must know and accept that you must possess the attributes listed below.

  1. Physical robustness: For you to be able to take strikes and throw the same during the fight as well as be able to cope up with daily training. This is also needed so that you can stay and stand in the ring throughout the fight.
  2. Fight IQ or mental toughness: You should be smart enough to create a game plan before and during the ring fight in order to win. This involves knowing the right style to use and the right time to throw. You also need to adjust your strategies since different fighters have different styles and skills.
  3. Discipline: Training should be done regularly and may require you to stay in the gym most of your life.
  4. Martial arts background: Since you need to use martial arts styles during fights, you must at least two or more martial arts techniques.
  • MMA Physical Fitness and Its Evolution

Part-HKG-Hkg10230977-1-1-0Being physically fit and conditioned is the first step of becoming an MMA fighter since without such; you can never enter the ring. You have to build strength, power, balance, and endurance through a proper training program as well as stay healthy by having a proper diet. Putting that in my mind, knowing the right training methods and sticking to a nutritional plan is very important which will never be easy. However, by hiring a personal trainer and attending custom fitness classes, you will be able to reach your fighter fitness goals.

In the past, fighters and athletes were more focused on developing full body strength and conditioning the cardiovascular system. It started out through jogging, squatting, pushing up, running, and use of different materials that you can find in your neighborhood. Lifting, carrying, and flipping sandbags, tires, logs, and stones were common in the past until it evolved and dumbbells became the most popular fitness equipment.

In the present time, more equipment has been added and is now accessible in most fitness studios as well as the addition of more body part specific workout routines. Treadmills are now being utilized to enhance the function of the cardiovascular system, to improve endurance, and to reach the proper weight; kettle bells (swings, clean press, snatch, renegade row, and Turkish get-up) to improve punch and body power as well as grip, explosive, pull, rotational, and core strength.




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