Karate Practice Leads to Plenty of Visits to the Orthodontist

Karate is no doubt one of the most popular forms of martial arts and self-defense, today.In almost any state in US and Canada, it’s easy to find different karate studio sprouting catering to various audiences from kids to adults. This popularity is mainly due to the fact that there are less risks for serious injuries in Karate compared to other forms of contact forms. With this, this self-defense sports has been proven safe for people of all ages.

However, just like any physical activity, no one is spared from minor injuries, including JJS_Karate_Kids_on_Trainingfacial and tooth damages. As a matter of fact, recent reports from community orthodontic clinics in Canada reveal that karate is among the top sports that bring in patients with emergency orthodontic needs. Other orthodontic-related injuries are from other intense sports like basketball, boxing, and football.

More often than not, these dental trauma and injuries happen due to lack of knowledge about mouth guard, which can be easily acquired from dental clinics. There are also some athletes and karate learners who may have already secured their mouth guard, but may have been damaged by their karate practice – this, too, forms part of the statistics for orthodontics visits due to sports.

Friendly Advice from Orthodontics Doctors

Sure, karate practice is beneficial both for the mental and physical being of a person. However, the associated risks of orthodontics repairs may not be entirely friendly for the pocket. So, here are a few words of advice from the  orthodontic experts.

  1. If you plan to enroll in a karate class for the first time, make sure to consult your dentist first for a possible mouth guard fit. This will come handy as you continue with the practice for a longer period of time.
  2. Mouth guards may come at a hefty cost, but it is still more affordable than a full dental repair. karate mouth guard
  3. Secure an orthodontic insurance. Most medical health care plans will have orthodontics or dental services as add on. If you are someone who is into contact sports like karate, then it is highly recommended to simply include orthodontics in your health care policy.
  4. For those who are already wearing braces, extra protection is  required since the brackets can simply make the damages more severe. Always ask your doctor to have a custom-fit mouth guard or head gear for your mouth and braces.


Updated: February 3, 2016 — 7:22 am
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