The importance of massage for preventing injuries in martial arts

Massage therapy is a great thing you want to relax and relieve stress. Whatever your line of work or routine you’re sure to find benefits in regular massages. This applies to athletes and martial artists especially. Their bodies often undergo a lot of strain and punishment from training. As muscles and tendons become tighter and less flexible the risk of injury increases. A pulled muscle can mean weeks without proper training and losing out on precious time. Making massage therapy a part of your routine can help prevent these injuries while also speeding up muscle recovery time after each training session.

A sports massage is the best type for this. Unlike other massages that aim to relax the body a sports massage aims to get deep into the muscle tissues and stimulate the flow of blood and nutrients. This is very effective for both healing and preventing injuries. Not all massage parlors offer this though. Sports massage is usually seen as a therapeutic so you’ll need a trained massage therapist if you want to get it done properly.

Pushing yourself to the limit

Any person who’s serious about their martial art training will be putting they’re body under a lot of strain.  It’s great to push your body but you need to care for it as well. Not allowing enough time for muscle recovery between workouts risks injuries along with bad muscle pains the next day. As muscles exercise, more they become tighter which restricts their flexibility and causes a great risk of injury. Some stretching will help this but for best results, nothing beats a massage.

The benefits of sports massage

Most sports require a lot of flexibility. Stretching is an important part of any training routine but won’t be enough to stretch some muscles. For example, the elbow joint cannot extend beyond 180 degrees. Sports massage allows you to get around any restrictions while also giving your body a more thorough stretching. This intense stretching of the deeper tissues allows for an increased flow of blood and nutrients which help in growth and recovery. The will also shorten the recovery time between each workout session meaning you can work out again sooner and better.

Heavily exercised muscles also tend to hard to relax. This causes a loss of flexibility which can make a big difference in martial art fights. When your muscle tissues are tight their more at risk of injuries and suffer more pain from reduced blood flow. You can overcome much of this by making massage therapy a regular part of your routine.

If you suffer from pain in a particular area a masseur can zero in on it and massage the area directly until any pain or tension recedes. Having the massage done by the same therapist each time allows them also to note your trouble spots that give the most pain. Even if these are from past injuries they can monitor them so that they recover properly and effectively.

Updated: July 16, 2017 — 12:43 pm
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